Stories from Spain: The Plazas of Leon

BY Aileen -- 2018 WWF

Our first day was upon us, and we are all  mesmerized by how amazing and beautiful the city of Leon is. We had our very first excursion around the town; I was astonished by how much history and culture this small town contains within its walls. As we walked through the old roads, it was amazing to see the different architecture and style of life in the small neighborhoods. It was interesting to see the little city centers within the houses like the Plaza del Grano, which once was where bread was made and sold to the people during the middle ages. However, the Plaza del Grano isn't the only plazas in the city, just like that one there are many more throughout the city. Such as the Plaza de San Martin, which is known for the Barrio Humedo and the vast majority of bars and restaurants in the location. The Plaza Mayor is another city landmark that is beautiful and filled with life in the market, every Saturday, and Wednesday. Finally, the Plaza de la Catedral is the most famous out of all of them. With the vast and detailed Cathedral in the middle, many tourist and students come to see this breathtaking building that took 50 years to build. Overall this trip has started off amazing, and while walking through the city, the environment felt very safe as I saw children with their families and young teens roaming the streets giving them life and body. As this is the start of our six-week trip, I can't wait to see what else is in store for us.   


Kristina Brown