Stories from Spain: Excursion to Las Medulas

BY Amber - WWF 2018

On our first excursion outside of León, we visited a gold mining site, Las Médulas. This trip included a mini hike up a large mountain before entering the mining caves. At the top of the mountain there was a really beautiful viewpoint, all of us immediately took pictures together and of the landscape. Most of our personalities came out through our unique silly poses for the camera to be captured forever. Throughout this excursion we were learning more about each other, bringing all of us closer together.

When we were done taking pictures all of us arrived at the entrance of the mines. It was required to wear hairnets, we all looked like lunch ladies before putting our hard hats on before entering the mining sites. It was also quite cold inside the mines, I particularly enjoyed the temperature in the mining site being chilly because the weather was very warm outside and I was exhausted after walking up the mountain.

Inside the caves, there were little lights on the ground guiding our way through. I was a little spooked because I almost slipped on some rocks while wearing sandals, which was a bad choice of shoe wear, and I immediately became incredibly cautious. While walking through the mines everyone was taking photographs and videos, laughing with each other and developing a closer bond that seems like it will last for a lifetime.

Kristina Brown