Stories from Spain: Exploring Salamanca

BY Edgar - WWF 2018

This weekend I had an extremely fun day in Salamanca. It was a completely new experience for me which I enjoyed a lot. I believe out of all the cathedrals we saw as a group these two cathedrals were incredible and mouth dropping. Even though the car ride was very long, I believe it was totally worth it. When we arrived at Salamanca I saw the buildings and I was super excited to see what we were going to see we arrived at the cathedral; and we learned the history about the two cathedrals and we got to take many pictures of the buildings.

After our excursion, we went to see the world cup final which I was super happy about watching. The reason why I was so happy was that I didn't think I would be able to watch it since I thought we had to be on the excursion all day.

When the game started I was super excited I ordered my coke which is my favorite drink since it tastes much better in Spain than the United States. I was rooting for Croatia and the cafe was full of excitement. Throughout the whole game, I loved the energy the cafe had, it made watching the game so much more fun. It sure has been one of my favorite experiences on this trip. Even though my team lost I still enjoyed watching the game with my peers.

After the game, we went around the city and wandered around. It was very fun seeing the difference. I even got a little homesick and ate McDonald's, I know I should be eating food from Spain but I mean it was pretty cool seeing the differences. There really weren't that many but it was still very good I enjoyed it a lot, to be honest. That's pretty much what I did in Salamanca all day, I enjoyed it a lot!

Kristina Brown