Stories from Spain: Visiting Bilbao

By Carlos - WWF 2018

This past weekend we embarked on an excursion to Bilbao. The city of Bilbao is so beautiful, and a definite eye catcher. The architecture is so incredible, and there is so much history to this city. There is art in almost every street, and the energy here is just so vibrant. The first thing we did when we got to the city is go to a viewpoint from which we could see the city in all its glory the view was so spectacular you could just space out looking at it for hours at a time. Looking at this I couldn’t help but think to myself “I really can’t believe I’m here, I am so incredibly lucky to have gotten this opportunity.”

After taking a few pictures at the view point, we walked back down to the bus, and went on our way to the Guggenheim Museum. When I first saw this museum my mouth dropped, the architecture is just so delicate and detailed, yet at the same time strong and industrialized, this was definitely my most favorite museum I have seen to this day. This museum just has so much character, it is an enormous building with art both inside, and outside the structure. If I ever go back to Bilbao I will definitely be paying a visit to the Guggenheim Museum.

The last thing we did in Bilbao was the San Juan De Gaztelugatxe hike. San Juan De Gaztelugatxe is a small island very close to shore with a church on top of it. What I found really incredible about this island is that it is accessible through a stone bridge that was built in the 9th century, it just so fascinating to me that something so old is still standing to this day, especially because it is in a location where the waves are so big and dangerous. The hike to this church was very long, and very tiring, there was just so many uneven stairs you had to get through, and I often found myself falling. Although I kept falling, and it was very hot, I had no reason to be upset, the views on this hike were so beautiful, all you could see was a beautiful sunset, and monstrous waves crashing against the oceanfront. Everything just looked so dazzling, and unreal. When we finally got to the San Juan Gaztelugatxe island, the first thing I did was snapchat my view, but the second thing I did was run up to the church and rung the bell 3 times to make a wish.

This was an excursion that I will never forget, I had so much fun, and the scenery was so beautiful. Even though I was out of breath half the time during this trip, I would recommend it to anyone that visits Bilbao, and I hope that I get to experience this one day again.

Kristina Brown