Paging in Olympia: Michelle Jimenez

Paging for the Senate as a part of the Washington World Fellows was a renewing force in my passion for diplomacy. I had already set my mind on working in government, but at times it’s easy to feel disconnected from the legislative process when you don’t live in the capitol or aren’t a constituent just yet. While in Olympia, we had the honor to attend a reception for the Association of Washington Generals, where we were able to personally thank and meet the legislators and individuals who got us to Spain. My love for government and the people behind it was reaffirmed, and I couldn’t say “thank you” enough.


During the week, whenever we weren’t on duty or at page school, we were planning out our futures together. Taking practice ACT/SATs, discussing scholarships, essays, majors, etc. I found myself talking about college and for the first time in a long time didn’t get this overwhelming sense that it’s too far away. I’m still amazed at how dedicated the WWF team is to our success, and I know now more than ever that they will be there for us through the journey.


Of course, one of the most anticipated aspects of paging was getting a chance to see everyone again. The Fellows had become each other’s rocks in Spain, and we were ecstatic upon arriving. For some of the Fellows, it was their first time in the capitol and their first time interacting with legislators. We were nervous. At the same time, this was another fear we could overcome together.


Paging for a week was fun, honestly. Being on the Senate floor during session, it’s not hard to see that Washington’s government belongs to the people, and it was exciting to meet our senators. We had a good time no matter what we were doing, and if I could I’d do it all over again.

Kristina Brown