Stories from Spain: Exploring the Mercado de León

By Jennifer Aguilar Bamaca, 2019 cohort

On Sunday, July 13th, we met at the Centro de Idiomas. It was a sunny day. We walked to the plaza mayor, which is big and beautiful but this was the first time I’ve seen it so full. There were many stands of fruits, vegetables, you could find anything there. It was like a swap meet.

We gathered together in a corner and the two instructors told us that we were going to play a game. There were two teams. We had 10 questions. To answer the question, we kind of had to look for the answers. It was like a scavenger hunt. In my team we had Ariana (our captain), Justice, Cierra, Brian, Luis, Mackenzie, and me. We had to answer all the questions and the first team to come back to the corner would win. The questions were like, “find the cheapest cherries,” or “how much for a jar of honey.” It was questions for us to get to know the place. It was really fun and we found everything so fast. My team made it back first. We actually had to wait for the other team. For our prize we got high fives.

After the game we had free time. I went directly to the jewelry stand. Then I went to another jewelry stand and I compared the prices. I went back to the first stand and bought one ring and 2 earrings for 10 euros. In the second stand I would’ve gotten one ring and an earring for 10 euros. See the difference? I was very happy with what I bought.

Kristina Brown