Stories from Spain: Cuevas de Valporquero

By Alejandra Pulido, 2019 cohort

As soon you begin to step into the cave, you can instantly feel the temperature decrease. For the majority of us fellows, it was the very first time we have been in a cave. Dark, cold and beautiful all at the same time. The visit was guided by a great tour guide who explained to us the complexity and diversity of geological formations in each room which made the visit quite pleasant and educational.

Before arriving, we had a 2-hour bus ride including a single stop at a beautiful waterfall until arriving to las cuevas. Javier, our history/culture guide throughout these excursions, took us up one of the mountains where a Spanish flag stood tall. The sight was very impressive, and yet a bit terrifying. As a teenager who likes to take pictures everywhere she goes, I decided to get up and stand next to the flag, and just looking behind me down below I found a sudden drop that had to be at least 1000 meters. It could have possibly not been so tall but as a short girl looking behind, it seemed like it.

After picture time was over, Javier then announced that he had a delightful surprise for us. We got on the bus and shortly arrived to a little town at the bottom of the mountain. Waiting for us was food and drinks outside a restaurant-bar. Food including: tortilla (tortilla Española), fried calamari, empanadillas, and sliced meats. The day was successful and for sure one for every single person who loves learning about history, culture and sight-seeing nature should experience.

Kristina Brown