Stories from Spain: Monasterio de Gradefes

By Ariana Parra, 2019 Cohort

Our excursion involved visiting monasteries, there were three stops. First was Monasterio de Gradefes which is a monastery that was created in a big boom in the economy and spirituality of the average society. It was founded in 1177 as a feminine monastery with nuns that were from different monasteries and still are.

San Miguel de Escalada-Leon:
It is a church in Europe, it was made in the year 913 with nuns that were Mozarabic who came from Córdoba. The interior of the church is separated with horseshoe arches resting on columns. The arches were used in Muslim Spain. The church is mixed architecturally with different Roman elements.

Ethnographic Museum of Leon:
Before going back to Leon we had one final destination the Museum of Ethnographic. which is the study of “the lifestyle of a group of people accustomed to living together.” The museum has about 3,500 pieces of agriculture, enology, livestock, transport, textile crafts, etc. related to life in the province of Leon over the last 400 years. As we walked around the museum there were rooms of how the culture was back then and how things were made

Kristina Brown