Stories from Spain: Astorga and Las Medulas

By Justice Brown, 2019 cohort

This was an action-packed day to say the least. We started with about 30 minutes on the bus to go to the Museo de Chocolate de Astorga. There, we learned about the history of chocolate in Spain. We even got to try some! The chocolate there is, hands-down, some of the best I’ve ever had. We then went to the Palace de Gaudi. That place is so unbelievable. With all the history and beautiful work that was created there, it was incredible. Not to mention the amazing lighting. We got to walk around inside some of Gaudi's real artwork, not many people can say they’ve done that.

After the Palace tour, we went to Lake Carucedo. That was a very fun time because not only did we all get to soak up the sun, but we also got to know each other on a more friendly and personal level. Doing things with these people is very fun and it makes the whole day better. After the lake, we went to Las Medulas, which are caves overlooking a view like a grassy Grand Canyon. I don’t think I’ve seen a view so breathtaking in my entire life!

During and after Las Medulas, we hiked down to a small town at the bottom of the canyon. The hike was gorgeous, and it honestly put me at ease for a while. Until I fell down a gravel path that is. It definitely hurt and left a fairly big bruise on my right leg, but hey! Why let that stop me from having the time of my life? It makes for a good story anyway. The views were amazing. The sun was amazing. Everything was close to perfect that day, even the pain that came with it.

The best part of the whole day? The people… hands-down. This trip was the first trip we went on that I really feel like I connected with the people who are here with me. I hear about what they did on the trip, and I see pictures they took, and I realize that we are all going through the same exact things, but in our own way. We get to see each of our different perspectives about the things we do on the trip and that’s honestly ridiculous. I loved this trip so much. Completely unforgettable.

Kristina Brown