Stories from Spain: Casa de Romana by Angel

The Casa de Romana is an ancient Roman building that still has some structure today. This place housed many Roman legions, now it’s a museum for people to come see. In the museum there’s a lot of information about Spain in ancient Roman times. I believe this was 19 B.C. when the building was constructed. Roman legions had thousands of men in their armies, between 3,000 - 6,000 soldiers. León was rich with gold back then and this is why many armies fought to conquer the region. The ancient gold mines we visited at the beginning of the trip were also conquered by Roman legions. The museum also showed pictures and sculptures of what León looked like back in 19 B.C. León was obviously much smaller and there was still the Plaza Mayor. Walls were also built around the whole town to keep it protected. Part of those walls still stand today. In the museum there is still a wall with a small opening, this was used for mothers who wouldn’t want their children. The children would be dropped through the window and taken care of in the Casa de Romana.

Kristina Brown