Stories from Spain: León Cathedral

By Aaron Padilla-Monterrey, 2018 cohort

The cathedral is the biggest building in the city of León, Spain. Most of the time it’s closed and to the people of León, it is a very important sacred place. The windows are made out of colored glass and one of the windows is currently under construction and it has been for about 20 years, and it still isn’t finished. It is also very expensive too. The tour guide told us it costs about 1 million euros to fix one of the big circle windows.

The top of the cathedral is shaped like a cross and supposedly all cathedrals are like that. I didnt know that. The cathedral of León is famous because of its glass made top. Most of them are made of stone but the top of the cathedral is mostly made of glass. The cathedral was built between 1205 and 1301. It is one of the most contained and extensive made/built cathedrals in Europe. I enjoyed going to the cathedral a lot because it was so interesting to me to see what was inside and i was finally able to, and i wasn’t disappointed. It was so huge on the inside and everything that was said would echo.

Kristina Brown