Program Details

Location: León, Spain

Estimated Departure Date: June 29th, 2019

Estimated Return Date: August 10th, 2019 

Length of Program: 6 weeks; 43 days

Informational Pre-Departure Sessions:

Fellows will participate in a series of pre-departure orientations, including a Welcome Day celebration in the spring to acquaint students, families, and program directors with one another. In addition to the Welcome Day, students will be required to participate in several online webinar seminars to prepare them for the study abroad program.

Program Administration: 

The Washington World Fellows study abroad program is led by two on-site Washington World Fellows Program Directors, who will chaperone students for the duration of the trip. Prior to the trip, Program Directors will lead pre-departure orientation sessions, gather student paperwork and passport information, and assist with questions from students and guardians.

Academic Site: University of Léon Language Center

The University of Léon Language Center, the international language instruction center of the University of Léon, will be the central meeting location for the Washington World Fellows program. Fellows will take their Spanish language courses at the level appropriate to their Spanish language abilities alongside other international students. 

Academic Courses: 

Students will take a 5-credit Spanish language course taught by college professors at the University of .


Students are matched with local homestay families in the City of Léon. The homestay families are vetted by the General Foundation of the University of Leon and the Washington World Fellows program, and are experienced in providing homestay arrangements for international students from all over the world. Homestay families are expected to provide a supportive atmosphere to their students, and are required to provide students with meals.

Field Trips: 

The Washington World Fellows field trip package includes trips to sites of interest in the City of Léon, and to locations outside of the city within Spain, including one overnight trip. Field trips will be led by tour guides from the General Foundation of the University of Léon, and all field trips will be chaperoned by World Fellows Program Directors.  

After Study Abroad: College Prep

Upon returning home from studying abroad, fellows will reconvene to kick off their college-readiness programming. This portion of the program includes both cohort-wide programming and individualized support tailored to students’ interests and needs.

Washington World Fellows Class of 2018 taking their first SAT/ACT prep course.


Fellows will receive 8 weeks of SAT/ACT test prep from The Learning Professionals, a tutoring, teaching, and mentoring organization. Fellows will work with the Learning Professionals twice a week leading up to their testing date. One of the weekly sessions will be generalized test-taking practice for the entire cohort; the second weekly session will be individualized tutoring. To reach students where they are, much of the tutoring is done remotely via video conference.

Washington State Senate Page Program

Fellows will have the opportunity to participate and serve together in the Washington State Senate Page Program, a weeklong learning experience in which students actively participate in the legislative process by performing a variety of tasks essential to the administration of the State Senate.

College Tours

The summer before their senior year of high school, fellows will have the opportunity to participate in college visits to learn about colleges and universities all over Washington state.

Additional programming will include:

  • Resume workshops

  • Support with applying to summer internships/ jobs

  • Support with personal statements and college applications; and

  • Connecting fellows and their families with financial aid and scholarship resources.

The Lt. Governor’s office will also remain an open resource to World Fellows students throughout their high school and college experiences.